Linux Shell Scripting Details

  • Linux Basics and Shell Scripting course overview

    Linux is a multitasking, multi-user computer operating system that exists in many variants. Linux is Unix like OS , almost all commands of Unix runs on Linux UNIX & Linux is the oldest and most secure operating system architecture present today. Linux/Unix is still used today in a lot of servers. Almost 80% of the websites are running on UNIX /Linux servers.

    • Linux is free and there are scores of versions available to use the operating system but also application s/w for Linux are free , no need for software piracy Most Linux and BSD distributions are Open Source and therefore freely available to download.
    • It is highly functional and there is a lot more "open source" software available that will run on +.nix systems than is available for Windows
    • Linux is much more secure than other used o/s systems! No need to worry about "Windows environment" bloatware and viruses etc.
    • Linux can be installed (albeit in a minimal mode) on any hardware 8086 upward system
    • You can change the installation language of Linux and most installed programs by executing a simple shell command!
    • Knowledge on Unix Linux is essential for learning many emerging technologies.
    • Use of Linux is very essential to learn ethical hacking.
    • If you are in the IT industry UNIX/ Linux knowledge is very essential.

    Course Outcome

    On successful completion of the course the participant is expected to
    • Understand Linux OS environment
    • Understand about various Distributions of Linux
    • Using GUI Environment of Linux
    • Various Operating System commands and tools
    • Writing shell scripts


      Linux OS basic

    • Introduction to FOSS
    • A Brief History of the UNIX and Linux Operating Systems
    • Operating System Concepts
    • Introduction to Linux Distribution(Fedora Red Hat CentOS Ubuntu etc)
    • Linux file System
    • Directory Structure
    • Getting Connected, Logging In, and Logging Out
    • Operating System Commands
    • Working with Directories & Files -giving rights taking, ownership
    • I/O Redirection, Pipes, and Filters
    • Getting Help
    • Processes and Jobs
    • Background processes
    • Scheduling processes -At, batch & Cron
    • The Shell basics –
    • Linux Text Editor (Vi /VIM)
    • Introduction to Shell Scripting/Programming

      Installing Linux

    • Different ways ( eg. Dual boot , vertualization ,USB ,Live etc )

      Linux Graphical User Interface

    • Linux Windows Managers(KDE Genome UNITY etc. )
    • Using various Linux Desktops /distributions ( like UBUNTU CentOS RedHat etc)
    • Installation of softwares/package on various distros of Linux
    • Updating and upgrading software packages
    • Understanding different package like deb RPM etc
    • Command line installation & update of package/repositories
    • Various System utilities

      Useful package in Linux for different task

    • Multimedia
    • Office :Introduction to OpenOffice/ LibreOffice
    • Graphics Editors
    • Image editors

      Internet access web browsing

      Various other tools on Linux Distros


    • Shell Basics
    • Types of shells
    • Shell functionality
    • Environment
    • Writing first script
    • Writing script & executing basic script
    • Debugging script
    • Making interactive scripts
    • Variables (default variables)
    • Mathematical expressions
    • Conditional statements
    • If-else-elif
    • Test command
    • Logical operators-AND,OR,NOT
    • case –esac
    • Loops
    • While
    • For
    • Until
    • Break & continue
    • Command line arguments
    • Positional parameters
    • Set & shift
    • IFS
    • Break & continue
    • Functions & file manipulations
    • Regular Expression & Filters
    • What is regular expression
    • Grep,cut ,sort commands
    • Grep patterns
    • SED & AWK
    • Processes
    • Concept of process in Unix
    • Background processes
    • Scheduling processes -At, batch & Cron

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