PHP and Mysql Course Details

  • PHP and MySQL Course Overview

    PHP is one of the most popular programming language for the web. Over 70% of the websites are made in PHP. PHP is an interpreted, object oriented programming language.MySQL is also one of the best, free to download,portable and widely deployed relational database management System(rdbms). Our PHP and MySQL training programme is designed to make you understand the concepts and swiftly start making professional web applications.


  • Syntax, Strings, Variables, Datatypes (variants), Operators, Constants,Forms, Form Elements
  • Decision Making: Conditionals, Loops, Redirects
  • Includes, Redirects, Arrays,PHP Errors
  • Functions,Forms, Sending Email,$_POST, $_GET
  • Cookies, Sessions
  • Objected Oriented Programming Introduction
  • Database Theory, Relationships
  • SELECT, WHERE, ORDER BY, designing tables, PHPMyAdmin
  • Adding, Editing, Deleting Records, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, modifying table structure
  • Database/code integration bringing everything together Displaying data results to browser, filtering data via PHP browser Connecting Login process to database
  • Advanced Queries – Group By, Import/Export
  • Date fields, field types, calculated fields, Data access pages, hyperlink fields
  • Outputting documents (xls, doc, pdf)File uploading
  • Introduction to AJAX, XML with PHP
  • Project

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