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Websites are imperative for any business - small or big, govt or non-govt organisation or for anything or anyone who wants to spread some information, interact or collaborate beyond boundaries of time and space. A website provides a platform to access,interact and provide information round the clock.

Setting up a website for any organisation opens immense possibilities to grow, improve and organise.Since the time internet was started to the present day, its colossal development was beyond imagination and several times bigger than anything that has happened in the history of mankind.

It has created and still creating immense values probably at even faster rate for the enterprises and individuals.

Simply stating no one with growth and improvement in their mind can afford to ignore the importance of web presence, for which website is one of the primary requirement.

Internet Technologies are fast evolving so does the way websites are crafted We at Whiznet Technologies leaves no stone unturned to keep pace with the technological changes.We always strive to create values for our clients by incorporating technologies that are latest and solutions that are innovative.

Our Services

We provide web presence solutions for the following verticals


[1] Education : Colleges, Schools, Institutions

[2] Hotels

[3] NGOs

[4] E-commerce

[5] Technologies

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